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About AIXA

Born from the mind of Jamenglican (JAM/UK/USA) UX Designer, Producer and Artist
Dorsh, AIXA was designed and developed to help people decode ‘tech speak’. Positioned eloquently as a supplemental experience from his second studio album “UI|UX”, AIXA is the world’s first afro-centric AI tech term chatbot.


Over 86% of participants surveyed, perceived the name “Ayesha” to be “ghetto”. The idea behind the bot is to change the narrative around how we think about minorities (and their names) in tech, especially its most invisible citizens, black women.


Minority groups face social barriers to learning Computer Science (CS), such as the continuing perception that CS is only for certain groups, namely White or Asian males. However, AIXA is directly working to change that perception.

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About Brooklyn
"in Silicon Valley, only 2 percent of women working in tech are black, Hispanic, Native American or Native Alaskan."

Erin Carson - cnet.com
Our Service

Our Goals

Diversity and inclusion is a constant, pervasive issue, but ‘out-of-touch” corporate organizations continue to struggle with making an impact in minority communities.


AIXA is committed to nurturing users
through the intricate world of ‘tech speak’.


Following the old adage “teach a man how to fish”,
AIXA is adopting this philosophy.


Using Machine Learning and Natural
Language Processing technology, AIXA
is built to learn through conversation.

Our Service

The Crew

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.



Founder, UI Developer + UX Designer

Dorsh is a ‘Jamenglican’ (JA/UK/USA) singer-songwriter | producer currently in the process of releasing his second studio album entitled ‘UI | UX’ . He has over 5+ million streams on Spotify and his songs have been featured in Netflix films and South Korean TV. Throughout his career in both music and tech, Dorsh has worked with celebrities, world-renowned athletes, global brands and local companies.


Joshua Wright

Backend Developer

Josh is a student of Computer Science at Ohio University in Athens, OH. His journey into Natural language processing began with him researching and making software focused on using language to interface with programs. His goal is to provide accessibility to software and create fluid languages interfaces. Josh believes these ideas should be used to improve countless lives around the world.


Kelsey Deans

Product Manager

The focus in much of Kelsey’s experience is finding and making structure of the creative process. Becoming a master of process requires a particular cross-cultural competency, an untiring attention to detail, and enthusiasm for continued education. She is proudly dedicated to being a lifelong learner and teacher. Kelsey aspires to work on technologies and teams that have the potential to change the world.

Token Roadmap

The Journey

This is a high-level roadmap of the past two years
and the overall vision for the AIXA initiative.

August 2017

UI/UX Album concept is born

Dorsh conceptualizes album to help bridge the gap between underrepresented minority groups and the tech industry via music.

January 2019

Finish recording UI/UX album

Utilizing the Stanford d.school Design thinking process as his guide, Dorsh finished writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering the album.

August 2019

Present at Afrotectopia [Google, NYC]

Dorsh is invited to speak about how he utilized the User Centered Design process to create his upcoming second studio album, 'UI/UX'.

December 2019

Speak at MIT Hacking Arts

Dorsh is Invited to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to speak about User Centered Design and the Concept album (UI/UX). At the event, Dorsh made the first public announcement of AIXA and gave a live demo.

May 2020

AIXA Goes Live (Alpha release)

On May 22, 2020, Dorsh soft releases AIXA to a select group of users. The bot includes all terms from the album and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn from user questions.

October 2020

Beta release of AIXA (Chatbot)

On Friday October 9, 2020 Dorsh will release "UI/UX" album and AIXA together. Dorsh and team are currently working on developing out a full-featured AIXA mobile app for for iOS, Android, and Windows phone.

Token Roadmap

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